Obama ad campaign wins Pollie Award

April 5th, 2013 by Mike

A series of ads produced by Picturebox with our friends at Message, Audience & Presentation won a coveted Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants. The Spanish language campaign, “Profiles in Organizing” featured campaign activists from around the country as they organized the communities in support of President Obama’s 2012 re-election Campaign.

New Picturebox Ad Featured on HuffPost

March 12th, 2012 by Mike

Our latest ad is featured in a great piece by our friends Glenn Smith and James Moore about the male voices missing in the contraception debate.

You can read the full piece here:

A Journalist Continues His Work

March 6th, 2012 by David

Last summer I took our brand new camera (the Sony FS100) to Ocean Grove, New Jersey and shot some footage of my father talking about the volunteer reporting he does for a local blog. I had outfitted the camera with a bunch of Zacuto components — a first for me — and I needed an excuse to get comfortable with the new rig before starting on a new feature documentary project (Sam Douglas’s new ‘Land Art’ doc). We spent a few leisurely days just walking around town, shooting video and talking about his career in journalism and the pro bono writing and reporting he does now. I really enjoyed hearing about all that, and I find as I watch this footage that I’m very proud of my father and what he stands for.

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‘Modern Man’ drops on Funny or Die

February 13th, 2012 by David

Our buddies Kerri Lendo and John Merriman — both fixtures in the Austin comedy scene — are frequent guests here at Picturebox. They’re always cracking us up with their “comedy.” From time to time, we help them make short films. The last short we did, ‘Sleep Study,’won the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival and was featured on the The Huffington Post. This new short film, ‘Modern Man,’ is the fourth one we’ve done together. Check it out on Funny or Die and please vote “funny.”

Modern Man – watch more funny videos

Sleep Study,’ a short film by John Merriman and Kerri Lendo, and produced by Picturbox – just went live on Funny or Die. If you haven’t seen it – check it out:

Sleep Study – watch more funny videos
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